“Dr. Travis is my first choice! Amazing! I had pain and numbness in my neck, shoulder, down my arm and into my fingers. The MD’s recommended surgery. I was able to use my arm and hand normally in 4 weeks and in 6 weeks, all the numbness was gone!”
Carol – Bastrop

“Low back pain, knees and feet and overweight. MD’s said surgery and fusion and 6 months off work. I lost 9 pounds in one week! Dr. Travis kept me working and walking while he fixed my back and it’s been good ever since. After 20 years away and numerous other chiropractors – Dr. Travis is the best doctor I’ve ever been to!”
Steve – Houston

“I was stiff in all my joints in my neck, back, low back, hands and knees. Couldn’t move any joints easily. Several years of pain everywhere that was very bad, and years of hot flashes. MD’s said arthritis, also vertigo and asthma and recommended drugs. My chiropractic results (with Dr. Travis): I have never felt better! Pain went from a 10 down to a 2. Night sweats gone too. I feel great. No more hot flashes!”
Tonya – Cedar Creek

“Constant Migraines for 33 years… GONE!!! I used to take pills costing $60 each along with other meds just to dull the pain. Dr Travis also adjusted my skull, something no one else had done. I got fantastic relief! Dr Travis, you have given me my life back! You are the first doctor that has truly helped me. I am more grateful than words can ever say! Truly a “Miracle Doctor!””
Joe – Smithville

“I had severe pain and tingling into my right shoulder, arm and hand getting worse for 3 months. After a few adjustments it started to subside, muscles relaxed and tingling decreased. Now the tingling is all gone!
Since I’ve been coming to Dr Travis regularly now for the past few years, I’ve notice that I don’t get sick like I used to and I feel healthier all the time.”
Paul – Bastrop

“YAHOO!! Best I have felt in years!! Other chiropractors only helped my low back some, and it came back. Now I’m feeling better at 48 than I was years ago!”
Thomas – San Marcos