We use many different therapies tailored to each individual’s needs.

PEMF used by most pro sports teams speeds up metabolism and healing and can heal fractures in half the time,

ATM2 retrains muscles in minutes and increases range of motion,

EMS, CPM, US, and others are all available to help your body heal and function easier and pain free.

The Posture Pump is more advance and reduces disc herniations and restores normal curves.

Orthotics are custom fit and custom made to your feet to correct various foot problems and how they influence the biomechanics of the whole body! 37 different measurement are taken to insure the best functioning flexible orthotic for you.

“Rehabilitation” encompasses all of these, and specific exercises are prescribed to retrain your posture and strength to prevent future problems and get you back to your activity or work as close to 100% as possible.