There are many different techniques used to treat the human body and Dr Travis is trained in many of them. He predominantly uses the ones that work the fastest for the patient’s individual situation and problems.

He primarily uses neuro-functional kinesiology muscle testing to find the malfunctions and then a “Classic” style of hands on full spine and body adjusting combined with nerve reflex triggers. Then he re-tests the same function to see if it has improved. He and you can see the results immediately!

If you prefer a different method, Dr Travis will accommodate your preferences as best as possible.

Keep in mind that bones Do Not go “out of place” as many people talk about it. Bones cannot move themselves or get stuck or partially dislocate without some external forces. Muscles are the only thing that moves bones and only tight muscles can stop a bone from moving. Therefore, when something is bothering you, it is “stuck” and not moving properly because of some pattern of tight muscles that are usually compensating for some injury or some other problem. And yes these can irritate the nerves and cause malfunction to the things the nerves go to… like muscles, organs, … any and every tissue of the body.

When we remove this irritation or interference the nerves work better and the body can heal itself. Most of our pains we feel in the muscles and when the muscle starts working better you feel better right away!

The longer the problem has been there, the longer it takes to heal. Long term problems cause the body to create long term compensations (muscle tension) that result in stresses and calcium deposits to build up the resistance to the stresses which cause spurs and reduce motion and result in disc and joint degenerations etc. When things get to that stage we need to try to keep it moving as much as possible and see if the body will stop the degenerative processes so you can have less pain and better function in your life.