Protect Vaccine Choice!

Please go to this website and add your name to the petition! Then send to everyone you know.We should be allowed to choose for ourselves and our babies whether we want immunizations or not or even fewer than the excessive amount they want you to have now! Bills are in the Texas Legislature to limit your choice!! We’re not saying they are good or bad or whether anyone can have them or not… just that we should have the freedom to make our own choices. Even though the CDC has been proven to have lied and known that Vaccines cause Autism since 1991 from their own research that they covered it up, … even though their research proves that the ethyl mercury is quickly absorbed by the brain of anyone getting a shot and causes brain damage to some degree,… even though the CDC warns pregnant women from eating fish to avoid the mercury toxicity to their baby but encourages millions of times more mercury toxicity by wanting pregnant moms to get vaccinated,… you can still choose to get a immunization! But those that don’t want to take the risk of a lifetime of brain damage for a temporary supposed “protection” against normal non-damaging bacterial or viral infections that our immune systems can fight off normally with NO lasting side effects, … should be allowed to make their own choice and not be hindered by new laws restricting it!It’s really a matter of your personal Freedoms!If you can, also write or call your state legislators.Thank you for your help.

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