K2-7 cuts Heart Attack Risk by 50%!

WARNING! If you take vitamin D, you may be causing yourself harm!

The latest Research on this is multifaceted. You cannot just look at a single vitamin without looking at how it interacts with other nutrients involved with its utilization.

Especially if your doctor wants you to take higher doses of vitamin D, it may cause you harm without the key nutrient called “Menaquinone.” Menaquinone is also known as Vitamin K2-7 which is NOT the same as Vitamin K or K1.

K1 has to do with blood coagulation but K2-7 is extremely important to activate your hormone Calcitonin to remove calcium from your arteries and get it into your bones. This little known vitamin could save your life!!

K2-7 thus is very important to prevent hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), osteoporosis, menopausal bone loss, and decrease coronary calcification risk and heart attacks! It’s also has important roles in diabetes, insulin sensitivity, cancers, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s, Hepatitis B and C, most mitochondrial functions, RLS and leg cramps, and increased athletic performance!

WOW! The biggest ever reduction in Cardiovascular Risk comes from adequate K2-7… 50%!                                 Nothing else even comes this close to cutting your risk of heart attacks! 

Full details on the research findings is available at our office for the asking.

We now have “MegaQuinone – the world’s most complete vitamin K2 supplement.” It is the only one on the market with the essential co-factors and optimal dose of K2 for maximum effectiveness.

Pick up the research findings and learn where you can get it naturally as well.

For Your Health,

Dr Ed Travis, DC, ACN

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