Cannabis CBD Legal in Texas

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CBD, the active healing ingredient in cannabis, is Legal in Texas!

CBD oil is now available in capsules/soft gels as well as liquid and “mints”- chewable tablets.  We carry these products now and wanted to let you know it was available here,

People have asked what it’s used for and we have a printed list but we wanted to put it out so others would know as well.

C B D  Helps these Conditions

Acne                                        Kidney Disease

ADD & ADHD                            Liver Disease

Additions                                 Mental Clarity

AIDS                                         Memory

ALS                                          Metabolic Syndrome

Alzheimer’s Disease                Migraine

Anorexia                                  Mood Disorders

Antibiotic Resistance               Motion Sickness

Anxiety                                    Multiple Sclerosis, MS

Atherosclerosis                        Nausea

Arthritis                                  Neurodegeneration

Asthma                                    Neuropathic Pain

Autism                                     Obesity

Bipolar Disorder                      OCD

Bone Health                            Osteoporosis

Cancer                                    Parkinson’s Disease

Colitis & Crohn’s                     Mad Cow Disease

Depression                              PTSD

Diabetes                                 Rheumatism

Endocrine Disorders               Schizophrenia

Epilepsy & Seizures                Sickle Cell Anemia

Fibromyalgia                          Sleep Disorders

Glaucoma                                Spinal Cord Injuries

Heart Disease                         Stress

Huntington’s Disease              Stroke

Inflammation                          Traumatic Brain Injury

Irritable Bowel Syn. IBS

Greatest effect is with daily use for 7 days or more at about .10 to .25 mg per pound.

We carry bottles of 750 mg CBD liquid per bottle, 25 mg CBD per dropperful of 1 ml;  soft gels with 750 mg CBD per bottle, 25 mg CBD per soft gel; and chewable tablets “mints” in Spearmint and Strawberry-Mango flavors of 250 mg CBD per bottle, 10 mg CBD per tablet.

We chose a Colorado company that grows their own non-THC plants and processes the extract themselves, controlling the entire process.  They use Organic non-GMO growing methods and do a full plant profile herbal type extraction so you get the entire plant profile of all the different cannabidiols as well as the terpenes and other compounds naturally occurring in the plant.

Stock on hand may be limited at times so call ahead for availability.

Thank you, and we look forward to keeping you informed!

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