Zika pandemic Engineered by governments

Just wanted to share some news with you!Zika pandemic Engineered by governmentsCopy and paste the link below and read about the Zika Hoax!http://www.naturalnews.com/054870_Zika_pandemic_aerial_spraying_globalist_agenda.htmlI’ve sent out this same info from other sources before. This is the latest.Briefly: Zika has been around for 70 to 100 years!Microcephaly is caused by toxic chemicals sprayed on the people and water!Columbia, right next to Brazil, has lots of documented Zika cases but -they have NO CASES of Microcephaly!There has not been one case of Zika caused microcephaly in the US!NOT ONE!!!Convince our legislators to do controlled double blind studies and also wait and see if there are any Zika caused microcephaly cases in the US before spraying anybody!!

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