Seriously Consider the Flu Vaccine!

There many things to consider about the Flu vaccine so think about these seriously.

There are over 200 different strains of viruses that cause our body to create flu-like symptoms and the vaccine might only effect 2 of them at best, influenza A & B.

The yearly flu vaccine is usually at least 1 year behind the current flu virus and is only a guess at what it might be.

Research this year has determined that if you get the Flu vaccine this year, you will average a 30% greater chance of getting CoVid-19!!

The Flu vaccine lowers your immunity and makes it harder for your body to respond properly to other threats.

There has Never been a double blind study on the flu vaccine (or any vaccine for that matter) that shows that it (they) work to produce immunity to anything!  The CDC refuses to do the studies!!  Why?  Their preliminary studies have shown them that the studies would prove that Vaccines Do Not Work!

Research to date has shown that the “microbiome” (bacteria in and on our body) and the “vironome” (viruses in and on our body) are beneficial for our health and help our immune system control each other for proper responses for health.

When they spray chemicals on things like shopping carts and airplane seats etc. to “kill” the virus it is a total farce because viruses by definition are not alive, they are already dead, so you cannot kill them!  They are only messenger particles for inter-cellular communication and cells have to get a hold of them and then incorporate the viral messages and be able to do something with them.  Many times being prepared to fight something else that the fist cell encountered.

The drug industry does not gauge whether a vaccine is effective by if you get immunity but by if the shot creates a reaction by the body.  Usually a virus only shot will not create a reaction so they have to add “adjuvants” like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. to get the body to react to the toxic ingredients.  Toxic ingredients that can poison your brain and make it not function properly and not concentrate or be able to focus because it is in pain… but since there are no pain nerves in the brain it reacts the only way it can… hyperactivity, head banging, no concentration or focus, memory and learning problems, etc. etc.

Any vaccination is not a normal route of entry into the body where the body can trigger the correct immune response.  It is like the Barbarians avoiding the castle walls and defenses and gaining direct access to the center of the fortress!  Your body cannot mount a proper immune response that way because there are very few immune defense receptors inside.  Your entire immune system is triggered by specialized nerve cells in the mucous membranes of the mouth, sinuses, lungs, and entire gastrointestinal tract. Nothing should ever get into your body by another route without encountering the mucous membranes and specialized nerves to trigger the immune system that are in those specialized cells!

If you might encounter the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you don’t want your immune system fighting on two fronts!  One enemy at a time is much easier t fight off than 2 diseases at once!

If your body is truly healthy, you can fight off any virus or bacteria and have absolutely NO Symptoms!  If you have symptoms that means you are Not as healthy as you should be and your body is having trouble getting rid of the virus or bacteria or whatever and it has to “turn on the back up sewer system” to help get rid of it!   Your body creates the symptoms (Not the virus/bacteria) to try to get well!

After being vaccinated you will “shed” the virus for the next two weeks or more, meaning you are contagious and people should avoid contact with you and you with them!  That is one way vaccines spread a disease!

If you get vaccinated and it works to give you immunity then you should have no concern if someone else does not get vaccinated. If your vaccination works, it should protect you and they will get the disease because they are not vaccinated.  However, that’s not what happens.  Healthy people don’t get sick, and unhealthy people are a breeding ground for diseases.

Vaccinations produce “Binding” antibodies in your body that only binds the virus and keeps it floating around.  Natural exposure produces “Neutralizing” antibodies that neutralize the virus.  When exposed again, the vaccinated person has a much bigger response because the bound viruses come back into play triggering a much bigger immune reaction!  Natural exposure only has to deal with the newest threat and already has neutralizing antibodies ready to fight it off with no symptoms.

There will be a resurgence of the covid-19 disease as many people get the flu vaccine and suppress their immune system and then succumb to the SARS virus too!  Please…Don’t be one of them!!

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