Research Findings: Diabetes & Flu Vaccine

Significant Research findings you Need to Know to Help you live a Healthy Life!


The National Institutes of Health from a 2008 study:       Exposure to pesticides (prolonged), increases your likelihood of getting Diabetes by 200%!!

U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2013 study just released:     Exposure to phthlates (chemicals in plastics to soften them, in medicines, perfumes, cleaning products, etc.) increases your chances of getting type II Diabetes!

Flu and Flu vaccines:

Canadian CDC study:       Exposure to the Flu vaccine actually increases your likelihood of getting the Flu!

New York Times research article:     “Tamiflu” is, “No more effective than aspirin,” and, ‘makes it more difficult to fight off the Flu in the future.’ 

Conclusions:     Avoid these; pesticides, plastic water & juice bottles and other soft plastics, medicines, perfumes, cleaning products, Flu vaccines, and Tamiflu.     Try to use acrylic or glass containers, natural herbal and whole food concentrate remedies, use natural scents without toxic chemicals, and don’t get vaccinated for the Flu (or anything else for that matter).  Use Medi-Herb’s “Echinacea Premium” at least one per day (365/yr) and Standard Process’s “Immuplex” 2+ per day to keep your natural immunity strong.

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