PROOF Vaccines are Contaminated!!

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD and researcher for the National Cancer Center for over 20 years and other companies found that Retroviruses have contaminated ALL Vaccines!!  They cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancers, Autism – ASD, etc. etc.  Below is a website address with a video interview of her.  She was thrown in jail by the pharmaceutical industry and threatened to disavow her research.  Thank God she did not so now we can all know the truth.

I’ve been reading her book and know many more details and it all fits the whole abnormal disease processes we are suffering from.  It’s not the first vaccine that does it but the second or third that causes the big immune reaction causing Autism etc. or the damage that ends up being Cancer 20 yrs later!!  Retroviruses should Never be in humans at all!!

Besides that, we should NEVER Inject Anything into our bodies because it bypasses the normal immune system protections.  Viruses and bacteria normally have to enter our body by getting through the skin which is very hard to do, or by food that should be killed by stomach acid etc., or by breathing which is protected by the mucosal layers there and the immune reactions triggered by those tissues.  When they are injected, all those protections God put in place are bypassed and cause us damage!

The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know this.  The way they measure the effectiveness of a vaccine is NOT if it confers any immunity to you.  They measure it’s effectiveness by if you react to it!  To be sure you do react they put other toxic substances in it to make sure they trigger a reaction.  Why are they so worried about the people that don’t get vaccinated?  If everyone else that got a vaccine was immune to the disease from getting the vaccine then they shouldn’t get sick.  But that’s not what happens!  Almost all of the people that got sick at the Disneyland breakout had already been vaccinated!  They should have been immune and not gotten sick!  ….  Proof it doesn’t work!!

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