Measles! Learn the Truth!

Learn the Truth about Measles!

The site below is Attorney Robert F Kennedy’s site for Children’s Health Defense.

What you really need to do is weigh the Risks!

Whether a kid having the measles and getting over it (0 deaths) and getting better immunity as well as preventing many other adult diseases is more risky, OR, risking a Lifetime of Autism or other brain damage!  (Note that any they say die with the measles had other disease complications that actually killed them.  A compromised immune system would be one but then it would be extremely risky to get the vaccination too!)

Don’t believe all the news hype!  They’re just trying to sell their drugs and pass legislation to make it mandatory for everyone to buy their drugs!

You know, we need a law that says everyone must see a chiropractor, no choice in the matter… but then that would stop almost all drug sales too… so they’d never allow that!

Dr Ed Travis

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