Latest Viral Video Link! 7-29-2020

Be sure to click the link below and get the latest news on a cure for the virus.  America’s Front Line Doctors video has gone viral but is being censored and put down as fake news all over the web.  Think for your self!  Watch this video and consider it.  Then read below for natural ways to do it.  is still up and available.

A more Natural way – is to take “Zinc Liver Chelate” from Standard Process because zinc can block the action of all viruses but ONLY if it gets INTO the cells!  Therefore, we need a “zinc transporter” to do that.  Natural zinc transporters are Quercitin and EGCG.  Quercitin is highest in “Cyruta Plus” from Standard Process and EGCG can be obtained from “OPC Synergy” also from Standard Process OR from drinking green tea.  I take daily doses of these myself to prevent any viruses but especially the one causing the problems now.  HCLQ is also a zinc transporter and that is why it helps but only if there is zinc present!

Efforts to block this information if successful can make Billions in profits for those connected with the vaccines being developed! (Follow the money!)

Thank you, and we look forward to keeping you informed!

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