Latest Findings from Covid Vaccines!

I wanted to share some news with you!

The medical doctor who invented the mRNA technology that is used in the Covid vaccines and a PhD scientist were talking about the latest research on how the Covid vaccines were working.

The important points of their 3 hours discussion were:

1. The vaccine itself does Not behave like other vaccines and stay at the injection site while your immune system builds a defense around it.

2. It migrates and spreads throughout your whole body and even gets into your brain!

3. The spike protein turns out to be a toxic pathogen in and of itself causing damage where ever it goes.

4. One of the primary effects is to damage blood vessels causing myocarditis and other similar problems around the body.

5. The highest concentrations of the vaccine ends up in the ovaries which causes concern for women for hormone production, ovulation, and future children!

6. Second highest concentration is in the bone marrow which can effect the whole immune system from leukemia to thrombocytopenia!

7. Third highest is in the lymph glands and the possibility of things like lymphoma etc.!

Remember, this mRNA technology has NEVER been tested on humans!! There has been very little animal testing and NO LONG TERM studies at all! In fact the first humans vaccinated are the longest experiences in existence! They can’t be called “studies” because they are not collecting data on everyone!

The Covid vaccines DO NOT Protect you from getting the disease or from passing it on to others. All it does is reduce your symptoms if you do get the disease, but you have to deal with the side effects too! One side effect is death!!

mRNA alters the transcription of DNA as your body makes a new cell so that it grows the spike protein. It takes time for your cells to grow and for enough of them in one location of one organ etc. to eventually change the function of that organ. When enough spike protein cells grow over time, your immune system will mount a stronger and stronger defense against the spike proteins, even the ones on your own cells. When that happens you will get an Autoimmune Disease or possibly many in various locations.

Your risk of serious complications or death are many times higher from the vaccine than they are from the disease, especially with the new treatments we have that are very successful.

It is up to you to weigh the consequences and decide for yourself! Don’t just listen to the propaganda put out by those who stand to profit from the vaccines. Look for real science and real facts.

To your Health,

Dr Ed Travis

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