It Helps “The Judge”… It can Help You!

PEMF Therapy: A CHIROPRACTIC & ATHLETIC TRAINING revolution Dont ‘Judge’ a book by its cover….. …..because these guys are thrilled they didn’t !New York Superstars Aaron Judge (Home Run King) & Matt Holliday are NOT paid endorsers of the PER 2000 PEMF.They are everyday users just like you and me – who have been searching for an answer for their daily ‘aches & pains’ , repetitive motion injuries & overall NATURAL energy boost to help with athletic performance – and found the PER 2000 Pulsed Energy Replenisher HOME UNIT, to be that answer for them.The PER 2000 PEMF modality is quickly gaining traction in the world as THE ‘go to’ modality for both home users and practitioners alike.The first ever High Power, PEMF Therapy product to be designed specially for the individuals…..for home…..on the road or even at the office!With a sticker price of $9500, its THE best value for High Power PEMF on the market……with results like the clinical units to boot.OR…You can use the one at Dr Travis’s office for as little as $25 per session!Come by and get a FREE demo session!!

CALL 512-321-4481 to Schedule a FREE trial demo session on the Clinical PEMF unit!

See our website for more info on PME (PEMF).

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