How to get the Swine Flu!

Recent studies show that those people that got the regular flu shot, were much more likely to get the swine flu!!  Therefore, if you want to get the swine flu, be sure to get regular seasonal flu shots!

Immunizations do not improve your immunity.  Only your immune system can do that!  Immunizations are full of toxic chemicals that suppress your immune system and cause lots of side effects including death!  The drug companies are now free from any legal action for any damage caused by their immunizations… including your death!!

Your body protects itself against any foreign proteins from entering the blood or cells etc.  If any foreign proteins get in, your immune system mounts a massive attack to kill and eliminate them.  So great is the reaction that you are very likely to die from it!  That’s why immuno-suppressant drugs must be used for any organ transplants.  Immunizations may contain foreign proteins since most of them are grown in eggs.  By injecting them directly into your blood stream or body, they bypass the body’s protective filtering mechanisms, and that is one reason why immunizations are so dangerous!!

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