How Do I Stay Healthy?

How do I stay Healthy?  Lots of people are asking that question now.  We have the answer!

One of the top risk factors for problems from CoVid-19 is obesity.  Your symptoms can increase by three times if you are obese!  In fact infected obese people have increased viral shedding which makes them highly contagious and they stay infected longer compared to healthy “deflamed” people.

Inflammation is another risk factor for CoVid-19.  Obviously obese people are inflamed but so are many others.  Many medications cause inflammation and also put people at higher risk of the disease.  Controlling inflammation is dependent on your diet.  As you change your diet the correct way to reduce inflammation, you also lose weight and your immune system gets stronger!

A good healthy diet to reduce inflammation, lose weight, boost your immune system is low in allergenic type foods and low in fat and calories and high in vegetables with some fruit.  Controlled portion sizes and when you eat play important roles as well.

The “ChiroThin Weight Loss Program” is the ideal program to do all of that!  Its patterns establish new “set points” for your body so it learns to stay there after you lose the weight.  No exercise is needed and no shakes or pre-prepared foods in a box are used.  You eat real food!

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