First Aid for Viral Threats

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Let’s take a calm, logical look at the current viral threat.

First off, there have been Corona viruses around for years!

Lysol wipes and sprays have said on the containers that they kill corona virus for years.  Cattle owners have given cattle shots for corona virus.  There are over 500 different corona viruses.  We’ve had a corona virus scare every two years when there have been elections.  SARS, H1N1, etc. etc. have all been corona viruses.  Where are the thousands that were supposed to die from those?

18 other covids have been around before covid-19.  (More on this later.)

Depending on whos’ statistics you listen to the chance of serious complications from this one is about 1%.  Serious problems from the flu is greater.  The elderly and immune compromised have always been at higher risk of complications from any illness.

(“Immune Compromised” means you are taking prescription medications!  The more you take the worse it is.  All prescription medications compromise your immune system!)

Other things that compromise your Immune System that you should limit or Stop include:  Sugars, Starches, Milk products, Caffeine, Alcohol, and Antibiotics.  Each time you consume any of these your Immune System is suppressed for up to five hours!

Things to strengthen your Immune System:  Lots of Organic Green Vegetables, clean water, moderate organic fruits and “intact” whole grains.  “Intact” means the way it comes off the plant without any processing!

If you want natural things to help your body fight and prepare for fighting an infection:  

#1. All of the above.  

#2. Immune strengthening supplements like “Immuplex” from Standard Process, “Echinacea-C” or “Echinacea Premium,” “Thymex” and “MegaSporeBiotic.”   

#3. If you’ve done all this and still have issues then add:  “Defense-Plus” with grapefruit seed extract (“Citricidal”) and mushroom extracts,  “St John’s Wort-IMT” and “Viranon” – all great anti-virals.

Instead of taking all of these, come get tested for which ones work best with your body’s particular immune system peculiarities.  (What works best for you.)

All the measures recommended by the government are good health measures to avoid any type of infection and we should have been doing these all along any way.  

Keep in mind that the “Viranome” and “Microbiome” that live in and on you has ten times the number of DNA than you have human DNA.  You cannot live without them!!!  

Viruses DO NOT INVADE YOUR BODY!  You allow them a greater foothold by creating and allowing yourself a weakened immune system that cannot control your body’s responses.

The Best thing you can do is strengthen your own immune system!!

Call us for further guidance and testing.

Dr Travis

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