DANGER! If you want Grandchildren you Must watch this video!


Since the 1970s the WHO, WEF, GAVI, and other organizations have been working to control the world’s population.  They are doing it through vaccination programs like the Tetanus vaccine combined with bHCG that causes infertility in those that get it.  The Gardasil vaccine also causes infertility both male and female by a different mechanism.

Now the CoVid shots are doing the same things!  The spike proteins have been shown to accumulate primarily in the ovaries.  There has been a large increase in miscarriages by 80% just since the Covid shots!  Men’s sperm is non-motile (doesn’t swim). Fetal malformations have increased 73% since the Covid shots! Young girls are having extended periods and even early menopause!  Myocarditis is at an all time high!  Insurance death claims have spiked since the Covid shots!  There have been 40% more deaths than normal in the 18 to 64 age group since the Covid shots.

This is orchestrated global genocide!

There is even a dating site coming just for people that have NOT been vaccinated so the world can continue to have children.

What can you do about it?

#1. Do NOT get the Covid shots of any kind.

#2. Do NOT get the Gardasil shots.

#3. Do NOT let anyone you know or love get any of these or they will not have kids!

#4. Protect yourself and others by boosting your natural immune system with organic foods and natural whole food supplements.  

They call it “homemade hydroxychloroquine” but it’s really a high concentration of Quercetin that transports zinc into your cells so it can block the action of viruses and the spike protein.  3 organic lemons & 3 organic grapefruit peeled and covered in 3 inches of pure water, boiled for 3 hours, cooled, bottled, and taken 2 tablespoons twice a day. (Note: Add some organic honey to it for flavor and the other great benefits of honey.)  You should also take some “Zinc Chelate” with it.  We use “Cyruta Plus” which is high in Quercetin.   Pine needle tea and star fruit tea also have properties to counteract the spike proteins.

We have “Immune System Health Packs” at the office with natural whole food supplements to boost your immunity.  They have “Echinacea-C,” “Cataplex D,” and “Epimune Complex” in daily use packets already combined so you can just throw it in your pocket.  We also have a SPECIAL OFFER on these at 75% off to help anyone who wants their immune system boosted for better resistance. 

Standard Process has just release a brand new Children’s whole food “Immune” supplement designed just for children’s immunity.  It’s a chewable wafer that tastes sweet using natural ingredients.  Check it out at the office or on our website under Standard Process Orders or go to their website.

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