CoVid-19 & CoVid “vaccines” Prevention, Preparation for, & Recovery Protocols

Since the courts have blocked the Federal Vaccine Mandate and OSHA has said they will not enforce their “Rule” because it wouldn’t last as long as the legal processes will take,…

There is NO Legal Vaccine Mandate!

There may be some issues for Federal employees since it’s a Federal employment rule. Your best option is to get your immune system ready ahead of time, try to get a Religious Exemption (we have forms at the office) and follow the protocols below.

CoVid-19 & CoVid “vaccines” Prevention, Preparation for, & Recovery Protocols

First and foremost, everyone is unique and different and so protocols should be customized to each individual by testing.

Second, what you may need will depend on what you are Not eating! How much processed food is also a determining factor.

You can pick a prevention protocol and order what you need from our website, and click on the right hand tab that says, Order Standard Process Products Here.

If you have significant issues or just want to be sure, make an appointment, come in and get tested. Only take what you need.

Best Foods to Protect Your Mitochondria  (cellular energy producers)

Beets, Spinach, Dark Chocolate 85%+ cocoa, Wild Blueberries, Garlic, Herbs, Spices, Green Tea, Turmeric, Ginger.

Or, take the supplements that have these: Betafood, OPC-Synergy, Garlic Forte-MH, Gotu Kola Complex-MH, Dk. Chocolate, Fe-Max Iron Tonic Phytosynergist-MH.

(MH = Medi-Herb product from Standard Process)

Overall Immune System Health Support
&/or Pre-Injection Preparation (If you must get it!)

Immune System Health Pack 2-3/day
(Immuplex, Cataplex F, Cataplex C, Calcium Lactate)
Cod Liver Oil capsules 2-6/day (depending)
Echinacea Premium-MH 2-3/day or Echinacea-C 3-6/day
*Cyruta Plus 4-6/day and *Zinc Chelate 2-3/day
*Drink Green Tea 2-3x/day or OPC Synergy 3-6/day
(*Specific anti-viral blockers)
Cataplex D 3-6/day (depending)
Epimune Complex 4-6/day (&/or Ganoderma & Shitake-MH 3-6/day)

If you have some Inflammation, are prone to it, or want to prevent it or be prepared for the Inflammatory Response:

Turmeric Forte-MH 3-4/day (Amazing! product crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier)
Cyruta Plus 9-12/day; Cod Liver Oil 3-6/day &/or
Tuna Omega-3 Oil 6/day(High DHA)(some fat/oil improves Turmeric absorption)
Multizyme 6/day between meals on an empty stomach

If you want to know if you have any circulating Blood Clots:

Get a “D-dimer” blood test at a lab; positive means clots  (like dime)

If you have blood clots:

Cyruta Plus 9-12/day
Garlic Forte-MH 2-3/day
Ginkgo Forte-MH 3/day
Herbavital-MH 3/day
Gotu Kola Complex-MH 3-4/day

Post-Injection Support

Betafood 6-9/day 2-4 wks. and through the 28 day Detox Program
Livaplex 3-6/day      “           “            “                 “              “
28 day Detox-Purification Program with
LivCo-MH 3/day and GI Adsorb 4/day as directed

AutoImmune Problems

Rehmannia Complex 3-4/day; Sesame Seed Oil 6/day;
Ashwaganda Forte-MH 2/day therapeutic, 1/day maintenance
Calcifood 4 wafers/day; Protomorphogen (PMG) for involved tissues


Rehmannia Complex 3-4/day; Cataplex B-Core 3-4/day
Hawthorn 2-4/day; Cardiotrophin PMG 1/day/2days, then 2/day/2days, then 3/day/2days, then 4/day longer term
Cyruta Plus 6-9/day;   Turmeric Forte 3-4day;
Tuna Omega-3 Oil 6-8/day

Many other possibilities exist for testing you and for long term recovery support.  If you can do this, & must get the shot, get the J&J because you only need one to be “fully immunized,” the more boosters the greater the chance of problems.  Call with questions & for appointments.   512-321-4481    Dr. Travis

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