Baseball’s New Rookie of the Year!

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees Superstar, Wins Rookie of the Year!

(Aaron Judge is NOT paid a endorser of the PER 2000 PEMF.)…

But he is an everyday user,  who  just like you and me – had been searching for an answer for their daily ‘aches & pains,’  repetitive motion injuries & overall NATURAL energy boost to help with athletic performance – and everyday life. 

He found the PER 2000 Pulsed Energy Replenisher home unit, to be that answer for him.  He’s been using it to help him recover quickly from injuries and keep functioning at a high level.  The results are obvious….. Rookie of the Year!

The PER 2000 PEMF modality is quickly gaining traction in the world as THE ‘GO TO’ modality for professionals, home users, and clinical practitioners alike.  The first ever, High Power, PEMF Therapy product to be designed specially for the individuals… for home… on the road… or even at the office… or in their doctors office!

Aaron said he has had other players using the PEMF and they all love the benefits it gives them!

Dr Travis now has the strongest PEMF unit made, in his office for you to try out and use.

Call us at 512-321-4481 for a Free trial session.

Package sessions are very reasonably priced.

See the Blog and Blog Archives on our website,  for more information on all the research and benefits of using PEMF therapy or come by the office for a listing of all the research. 

Basically, it speeds up your body’s own healing processes so you heal in up to 1/2 the time!!

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