Back Pain Increases Risk of Death 13%

The latest research from 2015 thru 2017 recently released findings say that people with “non-specific back pain” have a 13% increased risk of dying!! WOW!!The researchers also pointed out that medications and/or surgery did not have good outcomes and did not decrease the risk of dying!!Their research showed that chiropractic care improved 87% of the cases and improved their chances of living!Anyone with back pain should get chiropractic care to alleviate the back pain and reverse the chances of dying prematurely.Beside that, chiropractic relief of back pain corrects the underlying causes and improves overall health and well being of the patients so they have a better quality of life!Dr Travis has over 32 years of experience in Bastrop helping patients live healthier more productive lives. Call 512-321-4481 for a free consultation.

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