A curious rise in neurodegenerative diseases & detoxing from the vax | Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Put your science hat on and watch this video.

Senior Researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff at MIT lays out how the covid shots work and damage your immune system… and some thigs you can do for it.


The Supplements I recommend from Standard Process are: Zinc Chelate with Cyruta Plus, at least one or more of the following 6… Cruciferous Complete, Garlic Forte, Garlic, Spanish Black Radish, Glucosamine Synergy, Livaplex;  and take Turmeric Forte with Tuna Omega-3, and Immuplex.

Get out in the sunshine a little every day for vitamin D or get Cataplex D tablets.

Foods & herbs to eat: garlic, onions, scallions, coriander, basil, & cinnamon.

If you’re not sure, come by the office and get tested for the best ones for you.

Hopefully you did not get any immunizations and your immune system just needs a boost.

If you got the Covid shot(s) then you really need these supplements above for longer term to recover from the damage to your immune system.

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