7 Top Tips to Stay Healthy & Avoid Disease

  • 7 Top Tips to Stay Healthy & Avoid Disease

  • #1.
  • Avoid any oil or fat that is “hydrogenated” or “partially-hydrogenated.”  You must read the “Ingredients” section see this.  These do not exist in nature.  They qualify as “Poisons” as from Dorland’s medical dictionary… “…has chemical action that may cause damage to structure or function producing symptoms of illness or death.” 
  • Normal fats and oils in nature are in the “cis” form. Hydrogenation rotates the molecule into a “trans” form like changing the notches on your keys.  These are “Trans-fats” and they alter the function of membranes and fat metabolism by inhibiting enzymes and hormones needed for normal functioning.  Thus they qualify as poisons! 
  • Trans fats block good prostaglandins (hormones) and allow bad prostaglandins to be produced uncontrolled, causing:  Headaches, Joint and Back Pain, Arthritis, Asthma, Skin problems, Hot Flashes, PMS and Cramps, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer, Inflammatory conditions, Autoimmune diseases, and Cardiovascular disease!  Many other degenerative conditions stem from this problem. 
  • People take aspirin, acetaminophen, and NSAIDs like ibuprofen etc. for their pains.  These drugs block all prostaglandins both good and bad so they only relieve symptoms and do nothing to prevent the cause. 
  • Only One Month of avoiding hydrogenated oils will show a dramatic difference in your symptoms and your health.
  • #2.
  • Avoid industrial seed oils, due to their high linoleic acid (LA) content.  This will go a long way toward safeguarding your health.  Examples of cooking oils to avoid include canola, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, vegetable and soybean oil.  As a general rule, anything over 10 grams of LA a day is likely to cause problems.  
  • For cooking, excellent substitutions include butter, tallow, ghee and organic coconut oil.  Olive oil and avocado oil are problematic, as most are adulterated with cheap seed oils and have a low smoke temperature which turns them into trans-fats!
  • Carnosine, found in meat, helps reduce oxidative stress, especially as it relates to LA.  Carnosine binds to harmful LA byproducts and helps your body excrete them.  It’s also important for building muscle, and acetyl carnitine is very beneficial for your memory.
  • If you’re older, or eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, you’re at high risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, which can have serious ramifications for your neurological function.  Low B12 can also lead to elevated homocysteine, which raises your risk for dementia and cardiovascular problems. Your best source for B12 is from red meat, especially if it’s grass fed or wild.  A stomach enzyme supplement like “Zypan” can help you digest your meat and get more B12 out of it.
  • #3.
  • Limit Oxalates, found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts.  They can cause problems when they over-accumulate.  Harmful effects include fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation and kidney stones.  So eat foods high in oxalates in moderation and with other foods to buffer them.  And drink plenty of water to help flush them out.
Limit sugars, processed starches and grains, and other processed foods & meats.  They suppress your immune system for several hours after eating them.  Eat Organic vegetables, fruits and  grass fed or wild caught meats and use filtered water.
Get plenty of good sleep.  Have a dark quiet room and avoid blue light from phones, tablets, computers, and televisions for an hour or more before going to sleep.
Take time to Meditate.  Use your subject of choice.  The Bible says to meditate on the Word of God.
Have an enjoyable attitude.  Worry and stress just deplete your immune reserves.
Get a Chiropractic tune-up regularly to keep your nervous system functioning without interference.
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